Exhibition & Events


SOGO Art Gallery, Saltmarket Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland – Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic the proposed date for November 2020 is being rescheduled for 2021. There will be several public events / panel discussions that will take place during the running of the show.


Online Presentation – 22nd January 2021
Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies, Munk School – University of Toronto.

This event takes us on a photographic journey through the towns and cities of post-conflict former Yugoslavia in this extensive look inside Chris’s previously unseen 24-year archive from the region. John McDougall examines the wider implications of the war alongside the ripples which are still felt today both in the Balkans and internationally.

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Online Presentation / Panel Discussion – 5th November 2020
Yale Macmillian Center, Genocide Studies Program, SCSU

A Balkan Journey will be presented by Chris Leslie in the opening panel discussion – Reflections on Bosnia since 1995 alongside Janine di Giovanni, Yale University; author; journalist, Peter Lippman, Independent human rights activist and researcher; author and Velma Šarić, Post-Conflict Resource Center, Sarajevo.